Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~ pergi hospital ~

coretan drpd seorang wanita biasa....

hari ni, sye ke mom nak wat check up n sye pon nk jumpe doc cz ade probs kulit, time jumpe doc, doc ckp kulit sye ni sensitive n sye ade allegic..hmm..tnyelah kt doc tu allergic ape, doc ckp allergic seafood including ikan2 laut, telur n debu2 yg kotor..mgkn environment kdg2 tu krg ok kn..n she advice me to drink a lots of, starting from now, kena lah jge pemakanan lak..huhu

kena krgkan seafood..huhu..

then, tenm my mom lak jumpe doc..doc ckp ibu ok sume but hmpir high doc suruh krgkan ape yg patut utk prevent from high bp..selang sehari kne g check bp kt clinic, then go back to the doc utk check up again..there are some prevention n healthy diets for hypertension, high bp person..

     1. Lower bp by eating more fruit n vege
- eating more fruit n veges can help lower bp
- fruit n veges also are full of vitamins, minerals n fibre to keep ur body in good condition. they also contain potassium which is can help to balance out negative effects of salts.

     2. Eat at least 5 portiona a day
- adults should eat at least 5 portions a day of veges n fruits. a portion is about 80gm or roughly size of ur fist

     3. Less taking salts in ur food
- ajinamoto also need to less because its contains alots of salts

    10 ways to get the most from your fruit and vegetables

  • Don’t buy fruit and vegetable dishes that come with sauces. They often contain a lot of fat, salt and sugar.
  • Dried, frozen and tinned products can be just as good as fresh, but watch out for added salt, sugar or fats.
  • Vary the types of fruit and vegetables you eat. Each has different health benefits and it will keep your meals interesting. By eating a wide range of fruit and vegetables, you will ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.
  • Don’t add sugar to fruit or salt to vegetables when you cook or serve them.
  • Try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables as soon as possible. They will lose their nutrients over time, so if you want to store your ingredients for a while, it is best to freeze them or buy frozen packets
  • Avoid leaving vegetables open to the air, light or heat if they have been cut. Always cover and chill them, but don't soak them because the vitamins and minerals can dissolve away.
  • Vegetables keep more of their vitamins and minerals if you lightly steam or bake them, instead of boiling or frying them. 
  • If you boil vegetables, use as little water as possible to help keep the vitamins and minerals in them.
  • Experiment with other ways of cooking vegetables, such as roasting or grilling them, for new tastes and flavours.
  • Stir-fries are great for getting lots of vegetables into one meal. So are freshly-made soups.


Cik Akma said...

tinnn, kite mmg kene jage mkn. ni kalo lpr, mkn megi. hahaa. da la x mkn buah. cne tu tin hahaha~

Anonymous said...

nape ngn kulit? take care b..:) rinduuuu sgt2..:(