Saturday, May 19, 2012

~ time by time ~

coretan daripada saya...


practical lagi..pejam celik pejam celik, dah nak hbis dah rasanya practical ni..hehe...every day, we were discussed about cases, procedures, PE with the doctor and we'll apply it to patient for the next day..mostly patients are friendly and allow us to do physical examination and diagnose them..=)

and today i was act as a doctor and my friend as my patient..huhh, nak approach patient bkn senang jgk kan..for today, my case is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.. while im approaching the patient, the doctor and one of my friend examines me..banyak jgk kena tegur...jadi takut plak sebab ada org dok check and see us..tetiba banyak yg terlupa..-_-....first time kan, takpe, next time d0 ur best faThin..latih diri anda!..^^

the doctor said that "you all need to practice all these, at least u have an experience about it and how to communicate with patient "

she is my patient..=)

" Miss,which part that you feel more tingling? "

haii, teringin nye nak makan burger ni...hehe..-_- .dah smpai kat kedai Yazid Burger with housemates but too many people kot n queue kat kedai ni..if we want, we need to wait for 70 burgers to be ready dulu..then , bru our turn.fuh, lamaaa tuu..huhu..takpe, maybe next time.then, try Nasi Arab kat situ..nmpk macam marvelous jugak..hehe..^^

besarnye burger niiii...

nasi arab..alhamdulillah, kenyang..=)

thank you for your time my dear roomate..hehe ..Battleship besst!..^^

* just counting the days untuk pulang ke kampung..insyallah^^

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