Sunday, April 22, 2012

~ Mirror Mirror ~

coretan daripada saya...

Finally, i've watched MIRROR MIRROR ..hehe...but im just download it..belum ada masa untuk keluar..hehe..not bad cerita dia and it is not same with the old story punya..The acting was good and I found it enjoyable and funny..

the dwarfs pun comei2 je with their long legs tu ha..hehe.... the hero who got a macho suara and as usual snow white soosoo cutee...suits with her name...^^

i love the song on their wedding's day, I BELIEVE..a cute song, the song such mixed with bollywood because the director is Indian if im not mistaken..huhu...takpe lah, lain from others film sikit kan..^^

their costumes sooo kiut miut lah..hehe..=)

 7 thieves!....

** esok result for last sem will b release..ya ALLAH, harap semua ok..amin...


Shereen Yahya said...

same la . shereen pn dwload je na pg cinema busy ..
best sgt cerita tu :)

Anasyg said...

lah ... nak tengok2 nak tengok - hmm -nnt nak donlod gak la mcm korang buat ni

Qaseh Dania said... je yg mana tak sempt tgk kat cinema..hehe..

best kaan..tgk snow white tu cantek!..=)

Qaseh Dania said... n tgk.bestt..tak rugi..hehehe..^^
thin suke lagu dia..=))