Thursday, April 5, 2012

~ Clinical attachment 1 ~

coretan daripada saya...

alhamdulillah..finally I've started my LI ( practical ) on 2nd April 2012..usually medical student will do their practical at hospital but unluckily im not one that can do practical at hospital because there were some problem and mybe its not my rezeki to do at, my frens and me have decided to choose clinic as a place to do this attachment..maybe i can gain something new at here and who knows that one day i can open my own clinic..^^ wallahualam.

- we arrived at clinic around 8.15a.m..there were queue of patient waiting the doctor..we also waiting the doctor because we need a briefing from the doctor what we need to do..when the doctor arrived, he called us to brief about our work at there..there were two parts which are :
                                     1. Administration of patient and dispensary
                                     2. Assistant doctor

for the first day me as a assistant doctor..seriously dont know what to do sebab doctor pun busy and patient non stop enter the doctor's room..the new things that I've learned at this clinic is medical check up.because the doctor doing medical check up for aviation usually from aircrew group like pilot, co-pilot, instructor pilot, tower person that give instruction to the pilot and also student who are still studying to be a pilot..all of them need to renew their licence by that they need to do medical check up..the medical check up is depends on their classes..on that day around 30-35 were aircrew peoples.

the doctor also apply his GP ( general practice  ) which means treat the patient who having disease or help them to ease their symptoms..alhamdulillah, the doctor is very friendly and always explain many things to us and sometimes me myself pun blur jap sebab bnda dah lama blajar and ingat2 lupa plak..huhu...

each patient's disease, the doctor will explain to, we can recall back apa yang dah juga mintak us handled asthma patient..doing nebulizer to the patient..which inside it, we put will help the patient to decrease his cough and also may open his airways passages..for the 1st day, it was so hulur ke hilir inside the doctor's room..balik2 rumah, nampak katil je..huhu

nebulizer ( utk asthma patient )

alhamdulillah, i've apply what i've studied within these 3years walaupun ada yang lupa..-_-   the doctor said that, " this is reality situation that a doctor need to need to do all thing faster but perfect and the important is be professional.the reality is not same with what you have learn..but what you have learn you need to apply it in reality.."

- i was be at administration of,need to ask them either to see the doctor or to do aviation medical check.then, i will check is it their info already have in system or not..if not, i need to read their smartcard to get their info..i thought it was an easy thing but im wrong..huhu..bila datang sekali ramai, mulalah salah tekan itu salah tekan ini....lagi nak cepat, bertambah lambat kan...huhu..

usually after lunch hour, we all will be at doctor's room..because in the evening, having occupational medical check up..for worker which work at factory..w'll do a basic check up for them because need to check either they are fit or not with their job..there were 3 workers and the doctor give us permission to take their history taking..each of us done it! the workers also ok and dont mind ..=) first time buat of coz nervous juga but the doctor help us and at the end of the day doctor said "we need to have a good interaction with the patient and ask right questions with words that the patient can understand..dont ask directly such as   your hearing ok?   but try to do a sentences like   do you hear clearly? is there any humming when u at confined space?   by all these u can makes the patient more comfortable with you.."

** alhamdulillah..hope day by day, it will be more better..amin..
** hope one day the star will comes out...^^

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