Wednesday, January 4, 2012

~ its 2012 ~

coretan daripada saya...

alhamdulillah, its already 2012..means that umur bertambh lah satu n hope i will become more matured than b4.. there are lots of things that i need to achieve successfully in this year..may ALLAH n people around me help me to achieve it..amin..=)

so, we need to close the old one, n open new book..doesnt means close n never open again but maybe someday we need to open n see all the topics again with a smile n smile.. <3

i had enjoyed my new year weekend at Melaka n i hve baked my own orange cake with orange butter cream ..i've done it with my dear BFF..hehe..takot jgk xsedap tapi ok lah utk mkn2 petang with hot tea...=)

after holiday, take a deeeeeep breath then will sit for midterm, ganbatee ne friends!.=)

miss u...=)


** be thankful for the bad things in life, for they open your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before...


zue anak sudin said...

eh,eh..gamba 1st tu same ngan aku punye la. uhuk2.. malunye.. nmpk sgt cilok kat En Google je. keh3.. :p
sedapnye kek die. tak bwk balek pon~ :(
darwish makin comel!! :D

gudluck 4 the exam which is just next week!!!! huhu..

Qaseh Dania said...

haha..tgk ade je yg tu trus save..haha..=)) jgn lah malu, kire admire lah tuu..hehe.

eh, ade bwk, zue kn xblek persanda..sob2ss..=((

hehe..+ mken nakal..hehe.

thnkss dear..gud luck tu zozo jgaaakk..hehe.=))