Thursday, June 28, 2012

~ end of my practical session ~

coretan daripada saya...

alhamdulillah, i've done my practical session on 22th June 2012..=) well done fathin and to all my frens..^^

lots of knowledge, experiences, n many more yg dpt kat clinic selama 3bulan at there..thank you so so muccch Dr.Salleh and all the staffs...ingat lagi masa 1st day msuk clinic..rasa blurr and byk bnda yg tak tahu but day by day, Dr and staffs were teach us how to do this, how to do that..alhamdulillah, we're improve!

i've refresh back what i've learned during my study on this practical session..sedikit tak banyak dapat juga practikkan apa yg dah belajarr..thank you doctor coz trust us to do all the procedures and some others checkup to encik2 pilot and others.. alhamdulillah, all the patients baik2 hati n frenlyyyy..^^

Dr. Salleh with Kak Sue ( senior staff )..

my practical-mates

I LOVE this collage..^^

* this week need to settle up segala log book n week will meet with encik VIVA.. " no need slide presentation..w'll do orally which Q&A with doctors "..3rd and 4th July..fuhhh..-_-

tHe E.N.D


Anasyg said...

good luck thin VIVA- samalah kita peace yaw

Qaseh Dania said...

thank you mr.anas..same goes to u ya..all the best.=)